Despite these difficult times, we are still here.

We are operating with reduced staff and more remotely, but work is continuing.

If you wish to contact us please feel free to do so.

Please contact the relevant solicitor using the email addresses on our contact page.
We are still operating a dedicated reception on this number: 020 8864 0722

Help with Domestic Abuse during Covid-19 – Protective Injunctions :-

You may be wondering what help is available if you are suffering from domestic abuse at home or are worried that your abuser knows that you will be at home. If you are vulnerable during this lockdown period we can provide help to obtain an injunction from the court to provide protection.
We can work discretely with you to make an application to court and represent you. The courts are still open for urgent work and will be able to hear an application by telephone or video.
If you think we can help please email us with your mobile number. We can reply by text or Whatsapp and sign off with a name that you supply. We will need to work out the best way of safely contacting you so that we can prepare a statement on your behalf.
If the risk is immediate please dial 999. If you are unable to speak because it is too dangerous then dial 55. This will let the call handlers know there is a genuine emergency without you having to make any sound at all.
You should leave the house, if you can do so, and stay with family or friends. Although we are in lockdown you are able to leave the house to keep safe and should do so.
If that is not an option you can refer yourself to a refuge by calling the domestic abuse helpline on 0808 200 0247 or see their website for support at
We can seek a court order requiring the abuser to move out of the house. We would need to discuss this carefully with you.