Despite these difficult times, we have always been here and we are still here.

We are operating both remotely and in the office.
We have carried out a risk assessment and our offices are covid-19 secure.

If you wish to contact us please feel free to do so.

Please contact the relevant solicitor using the email addresses on our contact page.
Our reception continues to operate on this number: 020 8864 0722

CLIENT PROTOCOL – Procedures for your appointment at Lynch Hall and Hornby.
We are allowing face-to-face meetings, as long as this protocol is strictly followed.
Covid 19 has created a number of challenges for everybody. We welcome the opportunity to meet you and we have taken steps to make sure that both you and our staff remain as safe as possible.
Please arrive as near to the time of your appointment as you can. Whilst time intervals will be scheduled between appointments, we need to avoid any waiting time in communal areas.
What you may expect at your Visit:
1. The front door is operated electronically by our Receptionist. Once inside, please confirm your name and who you are meeting.
2. Our Receptionist will then:
• Ask you to use the hand sanitiser provided
• Ask you to use a disposable face mask (which are supplied in our entrance hall, or you may use your own)
• Direct you to our meeting room (on the first floor, second door on the right). You are welcome to use the lift, but will not be accompanied by a staff member.
• Tell your Solicitor that you are here.
3. The meeting room will have been cleaned prior to appointment. We ask that you sit at the far end of the table which will allow plenty of space between you and our solicitor. If you are coming to sign documents, please bring your own pen.
4. Sadly we are unable to offer our usual hospitality of drinks (tea, coffee, water etc) but you are welcome to bring your own water or other drinks bottle. We also regret our WCs will not be available.
5. We very much hope there will be sufficient time allocated to deal with any questions arising at your meeting, but we also need to ensure the meeting ends promptly to allow sufficient time for cleaning before our next appointment.
6. To summarise please remember:
• Arrive as promptly as possible.
• Bring your own pen.
• Bring any water/other drinks with you.

We look forward to seeing you!